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Firstly I wish to say big thanks for hosting your sites with us! Because of you - we grow bigger and stronger! 
As you have noticed this month we have reduced our transfer, register and renew prices for lots of domains extensions - this month we hit more then 1.000 domains transfers - isn't that great! 
Great control panel for domains, register your own nameservers easy, update contact information, FREE privacy and id protection (some provider charge 5-10$ for it) is the main reason. But how we can make it even better? How can we serve you better? 
We wish to hear your suggestion, your experience, plans for expansion...all that you think we could improve would be great help - so we ask you to take 5 minutes of your time and write us feedback. If you wish to write excellent comment for our testimonials section we will choose best ones and put it on testimonials page of our site (please include your name and website url) - free ads for your site too! 
p.s. do not recommend cheaper price - we are cheaper and more "value for money" then any provider ;)

Best regards,
HalfDollarHosting team

Did you know?

- our uptime for hybrid services is 100% network and http/email
- we have a client for each country there is!
- we host more then 10.000 domains in our domain registrar
- 90% of our clients survay give us 10 out of 10 for service, quality and price
- our pricing is most competative and somewhat most flexible!
- WE OFFER FREE DDOS protection on our EU VPS and free shielded protection on all other VPS's

Sunday, October 20, 2013

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